Smullen Continues Push for Governor Recall Bill

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,I,SAM-Meco) is continuing his push to have the state Legislature pass a bill that would empower electors to recall elected officials (A.6469). Smullen has always been wary of elected officials having too many protections, and with Andrew Cuomo’s recent personal and professional conduct controversies, he believes it is time to ensure no governor is above reproach or punishment in New York State again.

​“I’ve been pushing for this bill since January of this year. I introduced it because I don’t believe executives should have too many protections. Now we can see why this legislation might be necessary in the future,” Smullen said.

“This bill would keep true power with electors directly representing New Yorkers, and further prevent abuse from one individual upon one high mountain. This isn’t a new idea either, as California has such a law,” Smullen reasoned. “We can’t have this kind of attitude continue after Cuomo is gone. It has to be fixed now.”

Smullen’s bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee in April of this year. “This bill will help determine what we as a state expect of leadership moving forward. It’s paramount that we pass it as soon as possible,” Smullen concluded.

A further explanation of Smullen’s thoughts on his bill and Cuomo’s final days can be heard here.