Bendett: New Yorkers’ Rights are Being Ignored as the Migrant Crisis Heats up

Assemblyman Scott Bendett (R,C-Sand Lake) attended a press conference alongside his colleagues in the Assembly Minority to discuss legislation being introduced by Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square), Assemblyman Mike Reilly (R,C-Staten Island), Assemblyman Brian Maher (R,C-Walden) and Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) that will address the migrant crisis. The proposals aim at tackling public concerns and risks associated with the recent surge of thousands of migrants into the state who are not being monitored or accounted for.

“This is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved,” said Bendett. “The migrants who are being bused throughout New York state are being housed in unsuitable shelters and communities are now obligated to provide them with resources. It’s gotten to the point where veterans are being put on the back burner to accommodate the migrants. We are all victims of a broken immigration system. It's important to address the situation in a way that ensures the safety of everyone involved. This is a crisis and to ignore it is to allow injustices to occur.”