Thousands Enjoy Free Passover Extravaganzas Sponsored by Assemblyman Eichenstein

The sun shone brightly on Chol Hamoed Pesach this year, as thousands of Brooklyn residents enjoyed two free Chol Hamoed Extravaganza events sponsored by Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein.

The first event, which was hosted in conjunction with the BPJCC, was held on Sunday, April 9th at Gravesend Park in Boro Park and featured over two dozen rides, attractions, a magic show and outstanding entertainment. The second event, hosted with COJO Flatbush, took place in Midwood, at East 17th Street and Avenue M, and included many rides, arcades, shows and a dynamic concert featuring top-tier entertainment. At both events, all snacks, rides, entertainment and activities were completely free of charge.

The massive turnout at both events served as testimony to the real need for free wholesome entertainment within the community during the Pesach holiday season. The sheer joy and the cheerful atmosphere were highlighted by squeals of delight that could be heard for hours. Whether it was the music, the bounce houses, the pony rides, the bumper cars, or the free snacks, there was something for everybody to enjoy at both Extravaganzas this year.

“Kids look forward to Chol Hamoed as an opportunity to spend quality time together with their families in a warm, joyful and fun-filled environment,” said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, “while adults look forward to providing a genuine Chol Hamoed experience without breaking the bank or traveling for hours. My Boro Park and Midwood Extravaganzas managed to make both parents and children happy. As I looked around during both events, I was delighted to see that everybody, both young and old, was thoroughly enjoying themselves. This was truly simchas Yom Tov!”

“Just watching so many thousands of children jumping for joy and running from ride to ride brought such excitement to us at the BPJCC and a warm feeling to me personally,” said Avi Greenstein, CEO of the BPJCC. “We put in many months of hard work to make this event a success and to see it work out so flawlessly is heartwarming. I am especially pleased to know that so many people saved lots of money because of this event and that we were able to enhance their simchas Yom Tov.We are so grateful to Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein for sponsoring this Extravaganza and bringing joy to so many families.”

“COJO Flatbush was elated to once again provide an unforgettable lineup of entertainment, totally free of charge, to local families with our annual Chol Hamoed Pesach extravaganza,” said Louis Welz, CEO, COJO Flatbush. “I know that Assemblyman Eichenstein, whose assistance was vital in making it all happen, shared my pleasure in witnessing such wide smiles on the faces of countless children, and hearing words of gratitude from their parents for the fun-filled afternoon. Thank you, Simcha, for helping bring simcha to so many of our friends and neighbors.”

“I’m delighted that this year’s Chol Hamoed Extravaganzas were a tremendous success,” said Assemblyman Eichenstein. “Dozens of people approached me to express gratitude for this opportunity to provide their families with free quality entertainment. It was clear that everyone was enjoying the events, the beautiful weather and the general atmosphere of camaraderie. I have no doubt that the memories of these precious moments spent with loved ones will be cherished for a long time to come.”