Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Met Council Partner to Provide Emergency Relief to Flatbush Families for Pesach

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Met Council CEO David Greenfield today announced a last-minute partnership to provide emergency grocery needs for hard-hit needy families in the wake of COVID-19. Despite the 149 distributions held by Met Council, some Flatbush families were still in need of additional assistance. Guided by the Rabbonim of the Flatbush community and the Flatbush Community Fund, families who lost income due to coronavirus were recommended to receive this allotment of funds. Many of these families are members of the community who found themselves suddenly out of work and forced to seek assistance for the first time in their lives. These grocery store credits will serve as effective, immediate relief to families that lost jobs or other sources of income due to COVID-19.

Funded by a private donor and the UJA-Federation, the funds granted 182 families an allotment of up to $250 to be redeemed at Kosher Palace Supermarket in Flatbush for Pesach related food shopping. Generously, the owner of Kosher Palace Supermarket agreed to increase the amount given to each family by 10%. In order to provide dignity and ease of use, the funds were deposited directly in the supermarket accounts of the families.

"These funds will truly make the difference for these 182 families as they prepare for Pesach. Thank you so much to Met Council’s CEO David Greenfield for personally working with me over the last 72 hours to make these additional distributions possible. There is nothing more fulfilling in public service than helping people access their basic needs. That is what we did today.” said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein. "The impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching and has hurt too many families in health and economically. This year, one can appreciate the message of 'ha lachma anya' to an extent previously unimaginable. This year our matzos truly are the bread of affliction as so many of our brethren lie in hospital beds trying to fight, and for too many ultimately succumbing to, COVID-19."

"We were able to undertake this last-minute project thanks to the leadership of Assemblyman Eichenstein and the Flatbush Fund," said David G. Greenfield, CEO of Met Council. "There are so many people suffering due to Coronavirus and we are able to get them some much-needed help before Pesach. This is in addition to the over 1 million pounds of food we have delivered with Assemblyman Eichenstein in his district. So many people will be able to eat this Pesach because of this partnership."