Assemblyman Eichenstein Calls for Installation of Signal on Prospect Expressway to Indicate When Hamilton Avenue Drawbridge is Lifted

Motorists approaching the merging point of the Prospect Expressway and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway often make a split-second decision about whether to continue onto the elevated ramp to the left, merging onto the BQE, or take the Hamilton Avenue Exit, heading towards a drawbridge that is frequently lifted, leading to extensive traffic delays.

After hearing from many frustrated constituents, including first responders, who have been stuck in standstill traffic after taking the Hamilton Avenue exit at the end of the Prospect Expressway, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein penned a letter to the NYC Department of Transportation Acting Commissioner Margaret Forgione, requesting the installation of a flashing light alert system on the Prospect Expressway. This flashing light signal, half a mile prior to the divide, would alert northbound drivers when the Hamilton Avenue drawbridge is lifted or will soon be lifted. This will allow them to avoid lengthy and unnecessary traffic delays.

“I have heard from many Brooklynites who have exited at Hamilton Avenue off the Prospect Expressway, only to immediately discover that the bridge is lifted for boats to pass underneath,” said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein. “As a result, they are caught in a traffic jam with no exit strategy. A simple signal installation half a mile before the divide would easily solve this problem for countless commuters.”

About 153,000 vehicles traverse the BQE daily, making it one of the busiest roadways in the country. Alerting drivers of potential upcoming traffic congestion would result in an improved and quicker commute. “A flashing alert system before the Hamilton Avenue exit is a simple yet effective solution that will improve the daily commute of countless New Yorkers,” said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein.

Please click here to view a copy of Assemblyman Eichenstein’s letter to DOT Commissioner.