Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, Gerstman Schwartz LLP, and Community Activists Announce a New Civil Lawsuit Initiative to Bring Perpetrators of Hate Crimes to Justice

Lawsuit campaign shines a light on anti-Semitic violence and protects against physical assaults and acts of vandalism/property damage

Brooklyn, NY – Anti-Semitic crimes of all kinds are on the rise and Jews are being targeted regularly on the streets of New York. However, bringing criminals to justice has become increasingly challenging.As the courts and the NYPD deal with frustrating bail reform laws, they are left essentially with a revolving door criminal justice system that allows hate crime perpetrators to be released back on the streets within 24 to 48 hours. 

Bigotry and intolerance must be stamped out. Tangible steps must be taken to combat all hate crimes. It’s time to further expand our efforts in the fight against hate crimes through the civil court system. 

Gerstman Schwartz LLP, a NYC-based law firm, is prepared to fight for hate-crime victims through the civil courts. The law firm will file civil lawsuits on behalf of any hate-crime victim based on a wide range of civil causes of action including assault and battery, property damage, trespass to property, trespass to chattel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil rights actions, and more.

If a case is won on behalf of the plaintiff, as is expected, Gerstman Schwartz LLP will have the power to garnish the wages of the defendants or put a lien on their bank accounts. The law firm is committed to exposing those who commit these heinous crimes, and will work with civil rights attorneys to ensure that the promise of civil rights and equal justice applies to all, including the American Jewish community. Gerstman Schwartz LLP will also expend resources to track and expose the activities of hate groups and domestic anti-Semitic extremists.

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein will join prominent New York attorney Bradley Gerstman and David Schwartz in this effort. Assemblyman Eichenstein is publicizing this new lawsuit initiative as a viable resource for victims to fight back against anti-Semitic attacks, physical attacks, and attacks on property.

“I urge all victims of anti-Semitic hate crimes to step forward and begin the process of filing suits against their attackers,” said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein. “As all other avenues of justice are being stymied and perpetrators are not being prosecuted as they should, filing a civil lawsuit is an additional tool that can be used to ensure that justice is served. We must ensure that hate crime perpetrators, who are driven by irrepressible inner hate, do not act again and that others will be deterred from doing the same. Due to this new initiative, victims of hate crimes will no longer have to suffer while their attackers get released with a slap on the wrist. Now they can fight back and sue their attackers in the civil court system. Justice must be served.”

“This issue is very personal to our firm,” said Bradley Gerstman, Esq, Founding Partner of Gerstman Schwartz LLP, “and we will not rest until we seek out and legally destroy every enemy of the Jewish people in the court of law. The best defense is an aggressive offense. Our ancestors came to the United States to escape the pain and suffering they endured in other parts of the world. We will not allow anti-Semites and thugs to brutalize and terrorize our people here in this country. Our firm will be relentless in seeking out these thugs with a team of private investigators who will use advanced technology to bring them to justice.”

“Our lawsuit campaign,” said David Schwartz, Esq, Founding Partner of Gerstman Schwartz LLP, “will bring a barrage of lawsuits against those who commit hateful and violent anti-Semitic crimes. We will make them answer for their crimes in the civil courts of these United States. Our goal is to win as many cases as we can and to start a movement. As we get judgments against these defendants, we will garnish their wages, freeze their bank accounts, put liens on their properties, have their cars repossessed, contact their business associates, and find any and all means to legally pursue them so that they will regret having targeted the Jewish people.”