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Education Is the Key to Our Children's Future

Task Force on University-Industry Cooperation – Public Hearing

On February 27, 2006, Assemblymember Magnarelli, chair of the Task Force on University-Industry Cooperation, held a hearing in Albany, New York, on The Role of New York State in Commercializing Research & Development Innovations. The hearing was co-sponsored...

Magnarelli: Private Phone Records Need to be Protected

Recently, you may have heard the story of how an Internet Web site said it was able to buy the cell phone records of former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark. All needed, it said, was Clark’s cell phone number and a credit...

Governor Talks a Good Game but His Actions Hurt Working Families in the Wallet

In his State of the State address, the governor boasted of numerous tax cuts for the middle class. But in his budget proposal, released just a week later, those tax cuts for families who need them most were conspicuously absent. Instead, the governor’s...

Lending a Hand to Central New York Families

Magnarelli: Assembly Passes Bill to Provide More Public Oversight of State Contracts

It’s time to bring openness and transparency to the state’s shadowy world of government contracts. Taxpayers expect that their state government will be responsive and accountable to them. In an effort to keep a better eye on how tax dollars are being...

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli: Governor’s Budget Cuts Choke New York’s Health Care System

We should make it easier, not harder, for New York’s most vulnerable families to get medical help. But after 12 years and 12 budgets, the governor has learned little about revamping our health care system to improve access to affordable health care. He...

Magnarelli: Governor’s Final Budget Shortchanges Education – Again

The governor recently released the details of his final spending plan and I’m already troubled by his budget’s impact on our schools and colleges. Governor Pataki’s budget claims to lay a foundation for the state’s upcoming fiscal year, but all...

Fighting for Schools Isn’t Just His Passion

Fighting for Central New York Families

Making Sense of Medicare

Cornell Economic Development Summit

Roundtable on Development and Marketing of Advanced Energy Technologies

Magnarelli: Ending Domestic Violence Must Be a Top Priority

October represents National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I recently spoke at the “Walk with Me” rally, an event sponsored by the New York State Assembly and the Maxwell Women’s Caucus at Syracuse University. This collaborative effort aims...

Assembly Hosts Roundtable Discussion on State Funded Research and Development Projects

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli: Putting Your Health First

Bill Magnarelli: Reform. Accountability. Results.

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli Fighting To Protect Health Care

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli Helping to Bring Sweeping Reforms to Albany

Working to Jump-Start Our Local Economy

I know our families are facing tough times here in Central New York. The cost of living has increased sharply and the governor’s economic development policies have failed to produce the number of jobs necessary to sustain our local work force. As a...