Magnarelli: Assembly Over-Rides Governor’s Higher Education Vetoes

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli (D-Syracuse) announced that the Assembly stood up for students and working families by voting to over-ride the governor’s higher education vetoes of the Legislature’s 2006-07 Bi-partisan State Budget. These veto over-rides help to protect funding for colleges and universities throughout New York State.

“The Assembly and Senate worked together in open conference committees to agree upon a fair and on-time budget for all New Yorker,” Magnarelli said. “Once again, we worked together to over-ride the governor’s unwise vetoes on aid for higher education. The governor’s vetoes don’t just cut the budget, they cut the opportunity for a higher education for many Central New Yorker children.”

Higher Education

“I believe we must invest in our colleges and universities – while keeping tuition and access to a degree within reach of students,” Magnarelli said. “With today’s action, the Assembly took an important step toward reversing the governor’s vetoes.”

If left untouched, the governor’s vetoes would have:

  • Slashed vital operating aid for SUNY to strengthen academic programs;
  • Cut capital aid for state college and university enhancements, including new construction; and
  • Reduced funding for the highly successful Tuition Assistance Program.

“Unlike the governor’s budget, the Legislature’s bipartisan budget invests hundreds of millions of dollars into higher education and much-needed capital improvement projects, while making it easier for New Yorkers working full- and part-time jobs to afford to go to SUNY schools,” Magnarelli stated.

At-Risk Youth

The Assembly also voted to restore over $1 million in funding for Liberty Partnerships Program, which the governor also vetoed. This program helps at-risk youth graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. LeMoyne College, Onondaga Community College and Syracuse University all run programs in the city schools through Liberty.

“I believe that everyone deserves a chance to pursue a higher education,” said Magnarelli. “The Liberty Partnerships Program has been very successful in Central New York and I hope continues to be available for any students that needs help to get to college, for many more years to come.”

“We can not let the governor’s political ambitions affect our colleges, our universities, or our children’s educational opportunities,” said Magnarelli. “I am proud to have voted to override the governor’s vetoes. I’m going to continue to work with my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to correct the governor’s misguided vetoes and to take a united stand for a budget that New Yorkers deserve.”