Assemblyman Colton Announces Success in Completing the First Part of the Public Safety Drive in Bring NYPD and MTPD Back on the Subway

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) declares the completion of Part One of his Public safety drive to bring more police presence on public transit extremely successful.

“For the past six weeks, I visited every subway station in the 47th Assembly District and have distributed thousands of petitions calling for more transit police presence on our subways. These petitions were taken to community groups, meetings, rallies, and street distributions in support and funding for more police presence to make our subways safe,” Colton stated.

“The community has demonstrated solid support for the Mayor, a former transit police officer, who was elected on a pledge to restore public safety on the decision of Mayor Adams and NYPD Commissioner Sewell to assign more police officers on the subway. This was all done despite negative attacks by cheap talkers who were motivated to use crime to benefit themselves politically but had no track record of doing anything to help stop it and protect the public. Beware of those candidates who attack a certain party but who have no track record of doing anything themselves to help to solve the issue,” Colton warns.

“Within the time period of six weeks, we got more police presence in the subway stations. Kudos to Police Commissioner Sewell for making public broadcasts telling riders that police presence has been increased to reassure riders of their safety. The Commissioner also is heard urging the public when they see something to say something,” Colton continued.

“This is only the beginning of not only protecting our neighborhood riders but making the entire NYC public transit system safer for all. The community can be proud of coming together for this successful start to our drive. Together we must continue to the next stage of our united action for public safety.Unified we will succeed,” Colton added.