Assemblyman Colton Continues to Encourage His Speak Up and Clean Up Campaign in the Neighborhood

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) started his Speak Up and Clean Up campaign many years ago by mobilizing a team of volunteers of all ages to beautify the streets of our neighborhood.

 “I have mobilized neighborhood clean-ups with the army of high school students who have participated in these clean-ups and over the years they have become ambassadors of spreading the word to family, friends, and fellow students that cleaner streets mean a better quality of life for everyone in the community and it brings out a positive impact on businesses, especially in customer satisfaction,” Colton stated.

“Yesterday together with volunteers from all over the district, I carried out another of our Speak Up and Clean Up events, where we cleaned 86 Street and Bay Parkway. In our previous events, we cleaned up Bay Parkway from 60 street to Stillwell Avenue, 18 Avenue from Bath Avenue to Bay Ridge Parkway, 20th Avenue from 86 Street to 78 Street, Kings Highway from McDonald Avenue to Stillwell Avenue, Avenue U from McDonald Avenue to West 12 Street, Bath Avenue from 20 Avenue to 14 Avenue and many more.

The volunteers collected cans, bottles, paper, and cups. Several catch basins were cleared of papers and other garbage. People need to obey the laws and put their garbage into garbage bins on the corners. Store owners must take more responsibility to keep the streets clean in front of their stores and if they don’t do so, they should face a summons and stricter enforcement. We must keep our neighborhood clean,” Colton said.

“I am continuing my hard work to make the neighborhood cleaner and I am planning to have a number of series of clean-ups throughout the neighborhood to keep our streets clean. Anyone who is interested in participating may contact my office at 718-236-1598 for more information,” Colton continued.

“Since the Speak Up and Clean Up campaign began I, together with volunteers of all ages and different ethnic groups, have been met by enthusiastic community members. Earth Day has been celebrated by giving an opportunity to a younger generation to perform earth day activities such as going out clean our streets and at the same time support and protect our environment. Additionally, I am coaching our future population on the importance of clean streets, which also means a better environment, and at the same time educating business owners to keep our streets clean. To keep our neighborhood clean will make a better place to live for all,” Colton added.