Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson agrees it’s time to “Raise the Wage, NY”
Did you know New York’s minimum wage has only increased 10 cents in the last 5 years?

Join Assemblymember Bronson in supporting a minimum wage increase
FACT: The current minimum wage has not kept up with the rate of inflation. Had the minimum wage held pace with inflation since 1968, it would currently be more than $10 an hour. This is a key factor in the increasing economic inequality of the past 30 years.

FACT: Increasing the minimum wage boosts consumer spending and the economy. or every $1 in wage increase for minimum-wage working families, $3,500 in new consumer spending is generated for our local businesses, re-circulating money through our economy.
“I sponsored the minimum wage bill because an increase is long overdue. People who work full time should not be struggling just to get by. Our families deserve better.”

– Assemblymember Harry Bronson

  • Increase the minimum wage to $8.50 an hour in January 2013 (A.9148)
  • Link those wages to the rate of inflation starting in January 2014
Harry B. Bronson

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