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A10657 Summary:

BILL NO    A10657A


SPONSOR    Rules (Weinstein)

COSPNSR    Titone


Add S217-a, amd S8301, CPLR; amd SS50-e, 880 & 970-n, add S53, Gen Muni L; amd
S21-1701, En Con L; amd Pub Auth L, generally; amd SS376-a, 467 & 491, Ed L;
amd S41.29, Ment Hyg L; amd S667, Priv Hous Fin L; amd S12, S1 of Chap 359 of
1968; amd S19-152.2, NYC Ad Cd; add Art XI-A, Chap 154 of 1921

Enacts the "uniform notice of claim act"; establishes a uniform process and
requirement for the filing of notices of claim prior to the commencement of a
cause of action against any state or municipal entity, public authority or
public benefit corporation.
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