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A11627 Summary:

BILL NO    A11627 


SPONSOR    Rules (Silver)

COSPNSR    Sanders, Green, Rivera P, Pheffer, Lavelle, Boyland, Clark, Cohen A,
           Diaz, Espaillat, Gianaris,Gordon, Heastie, Kaufman, Klein, Lopez,
           Mayersohn, McLaughlin, Nolan, Norman, Ortiz, Powell,Rivera J, Seddio,
           Stringer, Arroyo, Cohen M, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Davis, Gottfried,
           Jacobs,Lafayette, Lentol, Millman, Robinson, Titus, Weinstein


Rpld S2554 subs 3, 5 & 8, sub 13 b, sub 14, sub 15  b, d & e, subs 17 & 21,
S2590-b sub 1, sub2 (a), S2590-c, S2590-d sub 2 c, S2590-e sub 1, S2590-h
subs 28, 30 & 30-a, amd Ed L,generally; amd SS1727 & 1728, rpld S1727 sub 9,
add S1748, Pub Auth L; amd S19, Chap 738 of 1988

Provides for the reorganization of the NYC school construction authority, city
board of education, and community boards of education; gives greater powers to
the mayor and the chancellor; establishes a task force on community school
district governance reform.
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