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A01470 Summary:

BILL NO    A01470B


SPONSOR    Wright (MS)

COSPNSR    Clark, Colton, Farrell, McEneny, Perry, Robinson, Towns, Rosenthal,
           Ortiz, Kavanagh, Lopez V, O'Donnell, Schimel, Lancman, Alessi,
           Zebrowski, Camara, Mayersohn, Scarborough, Jeffries, Ramos, Castro,
           Espaillat, Rivera P, Cook, Brook-Krasny, Jaffee, Powell, Aubry,
           Barron, Pretlow, Peoples-Stokes, Miller M, Paulin, Gibson

MLTSPNSR   Benjamin, Boyland, Brennan, DenDekker, Glick, Heastie, Hooper,
           Jacobs, Kellner, Lavine, Lentol, Lupardo, Markey, Meng, Millman,
           Pheffer, Reilly, Rivera N, Sweeney, Thiele, Titus, Weinstein,

Amd SS2, 160, 161 & 651, add S170, Lab L; add S296-b, amd S292, Exec L; amd
S201, Work Comp L

Relates to provisions regarding domestic workers and such workers' employment
regulations concerning hours of labor and wages, employment restrictions and
employment contracts.
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