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A40002 Summary:

SAME ASSAME AS A09052, SAME AS S52205, SAME AS S06068, SAME AS S66002
SPONSORRules (Hoyt)
Amd SS3231, 4317 & 4704, Ins L; amd SS99-r & 103, Gen Muni L; amd SS10 & 12, Hway L; amd S351, Pub Health L; amd Pub Auth L, generally; rpld S4545 subs (a) & (b), R4111 (e), amd SS4545 & 4213, R4111, CPLR; amd S85.80, Loc Fin L; amd S5-101, add S5-335, Gen Ob L
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary for the efficient operation of local governments.
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