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A04028 Summary:

COSPNSRKolb, Alfano, Ball, Barra, Saladino, Murray, Alessi, Fields
MLTSPNSRBacalles, Boyle, Burling, Crouch, Duprey, Giglio, Hayes, McDonough, Quinn, Reilich, Sayward, Spano, Tedisco, Tobacco
Amd SS120.16 & 120.17, add SS120.19, 120.26 & 240.33, Pen L; amd SS801-a, 2801 & 3028-c, add SS2803 & 2804, Ed L
Increases severity of hazing in the second degree from a violation to an E felony where injury occurs, and of hazing in the first degree from a class A misdemeanor to a D felony where serious injury or death occurs; creates new class A misdemeanor of hazing in the third degree which mirrors former hazing in the second degree; establishes the class B misdemeanor of failure to report hazing; prohibits bullying or cyber-bullying on school property; requires instruction to discourage bullying in schools; establishes the class B misdemeanor of aggravated harassment of teachers and school personnel; establishes a statewide central register for receipt of bullying, cyber bullying and hazing complaints.
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