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A04137 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRMcKevitt, Kolb, Alfano, Tobacco, Sayward, McDonough, Oaks
MLTSPNSRCrouch, Errigo
Amd SS995, 995-f & 995-c, Exec L; amd S65.10, Pen L
Relates to DNA testing; provides that any designated offender required to provide a sample appropriate for DNA testing pursuant to the provision of this article who knowingly fails to provide such sample within thirty days of being notified by court, state or local correction or employee, probation, parole officer or other law enforcement official or public servant of his or her obligation to provide a sample shall be guilty of a class E felony; requires that when a court imposes a sentence of probation or condition discharge upon a designated offender, such person shall be required to provide a DNA sample.
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