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A05271 Summary:

BILL NO    A05271 


SPONSOR    Galef (MS)

COSPNSR    Clark, Schimminger, Paulin, Latimer, Dinowitz, Castro, Spano,
           Schroeder, Calhoun, Giglio, Finch, Lopez P

MLTSPNSR   Barclay, Burling, Butler, Conte, Corwin, Crouch, Duprey, Jordan,
           Kolb, McDonough, McKevitt, Miller J, Molinaro, Montesano, Oaks, Ra,
           Raia, Reilich, Saladino, Sayward, Tedisco, Thiele, Tobacco

Amd Art 3 SS4 & 5, add S5-b, Constn

Proposes a constitutional amendment to create a non-partisan five member
apportionment commission, four members of which shall be appointed by the
majority and minority officers of the legislature and the fifth to be selected
by the aforesaid four, to create new legislative districts; requires districts
to be as compact as possible; sets standards for establishment of legislative
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