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A05877 Summary:

BILL NO    A05877B


SPONSOR    Cahill (MS)

COSPNSR    Alessi, Brennan, DelMonte, Englebright, Gabryszak, Gordon, Hevesi,
           Hoyt, Hyer-Spencer, Kellner, Lupardo, Rosenthal, Schimel

MLTSPNSR   Eddington, Jacobs, Lentol, Spano

Add Art 6 SS6-102 - 6-108, Energy L; amd S1005, ren SS1020-gg, 1020-hh &
1020-ii to be SS1020-hh, 1020-ii & 1020-jj, add 1020-gg, Pub Auth L

Establishes the state energy planning board to create and adopt a state energy
plan, consider and present policies and programs that are designed to improve
the reliability of the state's energy systems, insulate consumers from
volatility in market prices, reduce the overall cost of energy in the state and
minimize public health and environmental impacts; requires the adoption of a
state energy plan every four years and outlines the conduct of the state energy
planning proceedings; further requires the first draft of the state energy plan
to be presented for public comment on or before September 1, 2012 and the final
draft of such plan to be issued on or before March 15, 2013.
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