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A06240 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRThiele, Finch, Fitzpatrick, Oaks, Rabbitt, Montesano, Katz, Tenney
MLTSPNSRBarclay, Boyle, Burling, Butler, Calhoun, Conte, Crouch, Duprey, Giglio, Hawley, Kolb, Lopez P, McDonough, McKevitt, Miller J, Raia, Saladino, Sayward, Tedisco, Tobacco
Rpld & add Art 39 SS875 - 885, Exec L; add S105, amd S202, St Ad Proc Act; amd S5, UDC Act; amd S100, add S139, Ec Dev L; amd S163, add SS97-kkkk & 97-llll, St Fin L; add Art 18-D SS971-a - 971-e, Gen Muni L
Enacts the small business improvement act; directs the department of state to establish an internet listserve; creates the governor's office of regulatory reform; designates significant economic development projects; relates to the transmittal of any rule making notice to the minority leader of the senate and the minority leader of the assembly; establishes the micro-enterprise education grants; establishes the county main street matching grant infrastructure fund and the downtown development initiative grant program fund; appropriates funds therefor.
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