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A08067 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRBarclay, Butler, Cole, Crouch, Errigo, Finch, Kolb, McDonald, Miller, Oaks, O'Mara, Raia, Reilich, Sayward, Spano, Tedisco, Tobacco, Townsend, Walker
Amd Ed L, generally; add Art 4-B SS57 - 59, Exec L; amd S33, Gen Muni L; add S742, amd S740, Lab L; add S190.72, Pen L; amd S211, add S217, R & SS L
Enacts the NYS school taxpayers' protection act; requires the reporting of suspected corruption or conflicts of interest within the operation of a school district; requires the treasurer of each district to issue an annual report of all moneys received by the board and any expenditures; creates a compensation committee to oversee proposed contracts of all school district bargaining units, administrators and superintendents; creates the office of the state inspector general for education; prohibits retaliation by public school district employers where employees have made complaints of malfeasance.
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