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A08402 Summary:

BILL NO    A08402A

SAME AS    SAME AS S05472-A, SAME AS S52201

SPONSOR    Morelle (MS)

COSPNSR    Bradley, Gottfried, Hoyt, Fields, Jaffee, Spano, Millman, Perry,
           Barron, Espaillat, Cook, Koon, Maisel, Alessi, Barclay

MLTSPNSR   Bing, Brennan, Calhoun, Christensen, Cymbrowitz, Galef, Jacobs, John,
           Magee, Markey, Mayersohn, McEneny, McKevitt, Meng, Paulin, Weinstein,

Amd Ins L, generally; amd SS4406, 4406-c, 4406-d, 4900, 4903, 4904, 4906, 4910
& 4914, add S4917, Pub Health L; amd S20, Chap 451 of 2007

Provides enhanced consumer and provider protections limitations on denial of
claims for pre-authorized health care services; relates to grievance
procedures; relates to managed care health insurance contracts; relates to
determinations involving urgent care by utilization review agents.
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