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A08501 Summary:

BILL NO    A08501 


SPONSOR    Silver (MS)

COSPNSR    Kolb, Farrell, Hoyt, Sweeney, Cahill, Galef, Hayes, Barclay, Koon

MLTSPNSR   Amedore, Aubry, Benjamin, Boyle, Christensen, Clark, Colton, Conte,
           Cook, Destito, Duprey, Eddington, Finch, Fitzpatrick, Hyer-Spencer,
           Jordan, Lavine, Lupardo, Magnarelli, Miller J, Molinaro, Morelle,
           Ramos, Sayward, Schroeder, Scozzafava, Skartados, Spano, Stirpe,
           Tedisco, Thiele, Titone, Tobacco

Add Art 17-A Titles 1 - 4 SS750 - 793, Gen Mun L; amd S33-a, Munic Home Rule L;
rpld S57 sub 2, S81 sub 1 (e), amd SS57, 174, 176, 189-e, 195, 202-c & 208-b,
rpld S208-b sub 2, Town L; amd SS2-254 & 9-912, rpld S9-912 sub 2 (c), sub 3,
Vil L; rpld Art 5-B SS172, 172-b, 172-d, 185, 189-c, 206, 206-a & 209-r, Town
L; rpld SS18-1806 - 18-1818, Vil L; amd SS2.00 & 24.00, Loc Fin L; amd S209-q,
Town L

Enacts the NY government reorganization and citizen empowerment act: relates to
the requirements for consolidation or dissolution of certain local government
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