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A08615 Summary:

SAME ASSAME AS S05519, SAME AS S50048, SAME AS S60419, SAME AS S65018
COSPNSRCook, Kellner, Espaillat, Wright, Powell, Bing, Rosenthal, Millman, Cymbrowitz, DenDekker, Towns, Castro
MLTSPNSRBrennan, Cusick, Glick, Jacobs, Lentol, Maisel, O'Donnell, Pheffer
Amd SS11-503, 11-511 & 11-514, NYC Ad Cd
Specifies that commencing in 2009, the credit that is applied to reduce an unincorporated business tax will apply to the annual tax totals less than $5,400; the credit will completely offset an annual unincorporated business tax that does not exceed $3,400; simplifies UBT filing requirements and modifies requirements related to paying estimated unincorporated business taxes.
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