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A08888 Summary:

BILL NO    A08888B

SAME AS    No same as 

SPONSOR    Rules (Aubry)

COSPNSR    Lentol, Silver, Hoyt, Wright, Green, Rivera P, Farrell, Brodsky, Eve,
           Clark, Cohen A, Cook, Davis,Diaz, Gantt, Glick, Greene, Gordon,
           Heastie, Jacobs, John, Lafayette, Luster, McLaughlin, Norman,Ortiz,
           Powell, Pretlow, Sanders, Schimminger, Seddio, Sullivan E, Towns,
           Weinstein, Arroyo,Boyland, Brennan, Canestrari, Cohen M, Cymbrowitz,
           Dinowitz, Espaillat, Gottfried, Grannis,Hooper, Lopez, McEneny,
           Millman, Perry, Scarborough, Sidikman, Stringer, Tokasz, Weisenberg


Amd Cor L, generally; rpld S220.10 sub 5 ˘(a) sub˘ (ii), S410.91 sub 4, amd CP
L, generally; amdSS230, 259-i, 507-a & 837, Exec L; amd SS211 & 212, Judy L;
rpld S70.00 sub 3 ˘(a) sub˘ (ii), amdPen L, generally; and S1310, CPLR; amd S8,
add SS97-j & 97-k, St Fin L; amd S3602, Ed L

Enacts the drug reform, drug treatment and crime reduction act of 2002;
provides that the department of correctional services shall provide a minimum
of ten correctional annexes having a total of at least 3,550 beds including at
least 500 beds for women offenders; requires persons who are committed,
transferred, certified to or confined by the department of correctional
services and have a history of substance abuse shall be delivered to the
greatest extent practicable to a correctional facility which offers alcohol and
substance abuse services; provides for a transitional services program to
prepare inmates for reintegration into the community; defines "judicially
sentenced shock incarceration inmate"; increases court ordered drug abuse
treatment programs; creates new article 218 in the criminal procedure law
relating to court ordered drug abuse treatment; authorizes the division of
criminal justice services to contract with one or more not-for-profit or
academic institutions with knowledge and expertise in criminal justice policy
issues for the preparation of a community justice crime information mapping
system; creates new crimes for use of a child to commit a controlled substance
offense, criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child, criminal sale of a
controlled substance over the internet and trafficking through a controlled
substance organization; allocates funds to target drug abuse treatment,
offender supervision and related services; establishes the crime reduction fund
and the school drug abuse prevention fund; provides that a school district
shall be eligible for an apportionment to be used for drug prevention equal to
the product of $24 and the extraordinary needs count; directs the
superintendent of the division of state police, in consultation with the
secretary of the treasury and the attorney general of the United States to
conduct ongoing tests and evaluations of pistols and revolvers manufactured in
this country to determine the safety standards; authorizes the department of
correctional services to establish and implement enhanced alcohol and drug
abuse awareness training; makes related provisions.
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