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A08980 Summary:

BILL NO    A08980 

SAME AS    No same as 

SPONSOR    Rules (Tonko)

COSPNSR    Perry, Colman, Tokasz, Farrell, Magnarelli, DelMonte, Lavelle,
           Higgins, Cahill, Jacobs, Arroyo,Aubry, Boyland, Brodsky, Canestrari,
           Cohen A, Cohen M, Colton, Cook, Destito, DiNapoli,
           Eddington,Englebright, Gantt, Glick, Gottfried, Grannis, Green,
           Greene, Gromack, Gunther, Heastie, Hoyt,Kaufman, Lafayette, Lentol,
           Levy, Lopez, Luster, Markey, Matusow, McEneny, Millman, Norman,
           Ortiz,Pheffer, Powell, Pretlow, Rhodd-Cummings, Sanders, Seddio,
           Sidikman, Smith, Stringer, Weinstein,Weisenberg, Weprin


Amd S65, Pub Serv L

Relates to automatic rate adjustments for natural gas or electric service;
permits such rate adjustment only when associated with and reflective of
changes in the reasonable costs of fuel purchased for the production of
electricity by such electric corporation or changes in the reasonable costs of
gas or electricity purchased by such gas corporation or electric corporation
for resale to residential customers; limits gas and electric corporation to no
more than one rate adjustment in any six month period; makes related
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