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A09610 Summary:

BILL NO    A09610 


SPONSOR    Rules



Rpld S2511 sub 2 ˘(f), amd Pub Health L, generally; rpld S366 sub 4 ˘(t) sub˘
4, S366-a sub 2,amd Soc Serv L, generally; amd SS4301 & 4304, add SS7317 &
3235-a, rpld S3225, Ins L; amd SS471,471-a & 482, Tax L; amd SS18 & 40, Chap
266 of 1986; amd Part J SS5 & 6, Chap 63 of 2001; amdS47, Chap 2 of 1998; amd
S33.16, Ment Hyg L; amd SS211 212, Chap 474 of 1996; amd S2, Chap 535of 1983;
amd S18, Chap 904 of 1984; amd S3, Chap 483 of 1978; amd S547-j, Exec L

Relates to the Health Care Reform Act of 2000 and upper payment limit payments;
establishes a foundation to administer the charitable assets from the
conversion of a not-for-profit to a for-profit corporation; relates to covered
lives reductions and increased EPIC payments; relates to the effectiveness of
malpractice and professional medical conduct; relates to the credit of the
hospital excess liability pool; extends the expansion of the child health
insurance plan; relates to the cost of certain copies (Part A); relates to
provider of services assessments and to medical assistance for items and
services; extends the effectiveness of rates for residential health care
facilities; extends the eligibility of certain enrollees for medical
assistance, the encouragement of comprehensive health services, and the rate of
payment for each residential health care facility to real property costs; and
relates to health benefits (Part B); relates to capping at five percent, the
annual growth rate of the state aid municipalities pursuant to article six of
the public health law; relates to establishing early intervention program third
party insurance standards and instituting parental cost sharing on a sliding
fee scale; relates to the program for elderly pharmaceutical insurance
coverage; and repeals certain sections of law relating to the implementation of
various state programs relating to fees charged for prescription forms and
realty subdivision plans, relating to payment for early intervention services,
and relating to payments made to early intervention services (Part C).
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