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A09706 Summary:

BILL NO    A09706C


SPONSOR    Budget



Amd Various Laws, generally

Implements the Public Protection and General Government Budget; relates to
merging the crime victims board, the division of probation and correctional
alternatives and the office for the prevention of domestic violence into the
division of criminal justice services; repeals certain provisions of the
executive law and the judiciary law relating thereto (Part A); relates to the
office of victim services; repeals certain provisions of the executive law
relating thereto (Part A-1); relates to comprehensive emergency management
planning and certain fire service related activities; relates to grants and
reimbursements to municipalities for certain emergency management and fire
service related costs; relates to the New York state interoperable and
emergency communication board; relates to grants for public safety
communications systems and infrastructure; relates to approval of electrical
devices; relates to state fire administration; relates to reports on fire
insurance policies; relates to vehicle operation by certain state officials;
relates to peace officers; repeals certain provisions of the executive law and
the county law relating thereto (Part B); relates to terms of probation;
relates to warrants and modification and extension thereof, waiver of
extradition, conditions and probation, and reimbursement (Part D); relates to
the office of indigent legal services and the indigent legal services fund
(Part E); relates to fees collected in relation to the fee for the filing of
the first paper in an action or proceeding; relates to the index fee for an
action to foreclose (Part K); relates to improving the process for the merging
of town and village courts (Part L); relates to certain bonds authorized to be
issued or purchased by the municipal bond bank agency and to certain financing
agreements authorized to be executed in connection therewith (Part N); relates
to abolishing the state employment relations board and shifting
responsibilities to the public employment relations board; repeals certain
provisions of the labor law relating thereto (Part O); repeals section 163-c of
the state finance law relating to imposition of a centralized procurement
contract fee (Part P); collects surplus funds from workers' compensation
insurance carriers; prevents such surpluses from recurring (Part Q); relates to
providing the workers' compensation board with the powers needed to protect
injured workers' benefits (Part R); establishes a joint appointing authority
for the state financial system project (Part S); allows the New York state
employee health insurance plan to have the option to be self insured; relates
to the health benefit plan for employees (Part T); relates to reimbursement for
medicare premium charges (Part U); relates to merging the state office of real
property services and the state board of real property services into the
department of taxation and finance; repeals certain provisions of the real
property tax law and the tax law relating thereto (Part W); relates to updates
of assessments and data relating to real estate transfers (Part X); relates to
restructuring the current aid program to encourage full value reassessments
(Part Y); relates to aid and incentives for municipalities; relates to the
obligation of the city of New York to fund its administration (Part Z); relates
to a program of aid to municipalities in which a video lottery gaming facility
is located (Part AA); relates to the sharing of the duties of weights and
measures between municipalities; relates to residency requirements of fire
districts and fire companies; relates to entering into contracts for tax
collection (Part EE); relates to procurements by local governments, the state,
libraries and library systems; provides for the repeal of certain provisions
upon expiration thereof (Part FF); provides for the administration of certain
funds and accounts related to the 2010-2011 budget; authorizes certain payments
and transfers; relates to certain monetary transfers, in relation to transfer
of funds; relates to housing program bonds and notes; relates to the school tax
relief fund; relates to the expiration of certain provisions thereof; relates
to notes and bonds of the environmental facilities corporation; relates to the
general debt service fund; relates to mental health service facilities
financing; relates to the sale of state bonds; relates to the sale of housing
bonds and urban renewal bonds; relates to federal interest subsidy payments;
relates to cultural education facilities; relates to library construction;
relates to voting of directors of the local government assistance corporation;
relates to certificates of participation; provides for the administration of
certain funds and accounts related to the 2005-2006 budget; provides for the
administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2002-2003 budget;
provides for the financing of the correctional facilities improvement fund and
the youth facility improvement fund, in relation to state-supported debt;
repeals certain provisions upon the expiration thereof (Part JJ); relates to
the disposition of monies recovered by county district attorneys before the
filing of an accusatory instrument, in relation to the use of such monies (Part
KK); relates to certificates of relief from disabilities and certificates of
good conduct (Part LL); relates to the reuse plan for proposed prison closures
(Part MM); relates to autopsy and toxicological reports (Part NN); prohibits
persons holding licenses or special licenses to sell an alcoholic beverage at
retail for consumption on certain premises from hiring certain persons
convicted of a felony; relates to the posting of a person's information on the
department of corrections' website; relates to providing certain inmates with
copies of criminal history information; relates to providing inmates and
parolees access to pre-sentence reports that had been prepared for sentencing;
relates to establishing that no fee shall be charged for certain requests for
birth certificates; relates to certificates of relief from disabilities issued
by the board of parole; relates to informing former inmates about voting rights
(Part OO); relates to a variation from generally accepted accounting principles
(Part PP); extends the expiration of payments to members of the assembly
serving in a special capacity; relates to the operation and administration of
the legislature, in relation to extending such provisions (Part QQ).
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