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A09753 Summary:

BILL NO    A09753A


SPONSOR    Bing (MS)

COSPNSR    Lavine, Galef, Lancman, Titone, Cymbrowitz, Koon, Powell, Schimel,
           Zebrowski, Benedetto, Kellner, Rivera J, Espaillat, Kavanagh,
           Dinowitz, Spano, Fields, Ortiz, Boyland, Castro, Weprin D, Jaffee

MLTSPNSR   Alfano, Cahill, Calhoun, Conte, Cook, DenDekker, Duprey, Finch,
           Gabryszak, Gianaris, Gottfried, Gunther, Hevesi, Hooper, Jeffries,
           Jordan, Lifton, Lupardo, Magee, Maisel, Markey, Mayersohn, McDonough,
           McKevitt, Meng, Miller M, Millman, Perry, Pretlow, Quinn, Rivera P,
           Robinson, Sayward, Scarborough, Scozzafava, Skartados, Sweeney,
           Thiele, Towns, Townsend

Amd S170, Dom Rel L

Provides that spouses may be granted a judgment of divorce in a timely fashion
provided they meet certain conditions.
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