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A00420 Summary:

BILL NO    A00420 

SAME AS S06587

SPONSOR    Rosenthal

COSPNSR    Miller, Clark, Otis, Skoufis, Brennan, Markey, Kaminsky, Stirpe,
           Cusick, Abinanti, Jaffee, Benedetto

MLTSPNSR   Braunstein, Ceretto, Duprey, Lalor, Lavine, Lupardo, Mayer,
           McDonough, Montesano, Skartados, Tenney

Add Art 166-A SS8720 - 8727, amd SS6507 & 7602, Ed L; amd S413, Soc Serv L

Provides for the licensure of school psychologists; authorizes the use of the
title "school psychologist" to licensed or exempt individuals; defines practice
as a school psychologist; sets forth requirements for professional licensure
(including educational attainment, experience, exam and fee); provides for
issuance of limited permits under specified circumstances; identifies exempt
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