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A00628 Summary:

SPONSORRosenthal L
COSPNSRMosley, Gottfried, Otis, Weprin, Hooper, Ortiz, Perry, Davila, Dinowitz, Simon, Miller MG, Lifton, Barron, Seawright, Richardson, Benedetto, Steck, Bronson, Mayer, Crespo, Hunter, Jenne, Sepulveda, Rozic, Skoufis, Harris
MLTSPNSRCook, Hevesi, Kim, Lentol, Rivera, Skartados
Amd Lien L, generally; amd 199-a & 663, Lab L; amd 6201, 6210, 6211, 6223 & R6212, CPLR; amd 624 & 630, BC L; amd 609 & 1102, Lim Lil L
Relates to securing payment of wages for work already performed; creates a lien remedy for all employees; provides grounds for attachment; relates to procedures where employees may hold shareholders of non-publicly traded corporations personally liable for wage theft; relates to rights for victims of wage theft to hold the ten members with the largest ownership interests in a company personally liable for wage theft.
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