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A01520 Summary:

BILL NO    A01520 


SPONSOR    Magnarelli (MS)

COSPNSR    Weprin, Galef, Roberts, Russell, Hooper, Cusick, McDonough, Miller,
           Arroyo, Gottfried, Crespo, Robinson, Pichardo, Ramos

MLTSPNSR   Clark, Cook, Lupardo, McDonald, Mosley, Rivera, Sepulveda, Simon,
           Solages, Thiele, Titone

Amd SS375, 227 & 510, add SS1174-a & 223-a, V & T L; amd SS3621 & 3623-a, Ed L;
amd SS120.00 & 125.10, Pen L

Enacts the "school bus camera safety act" to authorize the installation and use
of photo monitoring devices on school buses to detect and record vehicles
illegally passing or overtaking a school bus; provides for owner liability of a
motor vehicle detected by a camera to have illegally passed or overtaken a
school bus; provides that liability shall be a civil fine equal to the traffic
infraction fine imposed therefor; authorizes school districts to receive state
aid for the purchase of such cameras; includes within the class A misdemeanor
of assault in the third degree, the causation of physical injury to another
person while passing or overtaking a stopped school bus; includes within the
class E felony of criminally negligent homicide, the causation of death to
another person while passing or overtaking a stopped school bus.
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