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A02391 Summary:

BILL NO    A02391 

SAME AS S01556


COSPNSR    Brabenec, Murray, Palmesano

MLTSPNSR   Barclay, Corwin, Crouch, Duprey, Finch, Garbarino, Goodell, Hawley,
           Kolb, Lopez, Nojay, Oaks, Tedisco, Tenney, Walter

Amd SS446-a, 552, 656-a & 780-a, Fam Ct Act; amd SS240 & 252, Dom Rel L; rpld
Art 39-DDD, Gen Bus L; rpld S9.46, Ment Hyg L; rpld SS37, 38, 46 & 51, amd S58,
Chap 1 of 2013; amd SS265.02 & 400.00, rpld SS265.01-b, 265.36, 265.37, 265.45,
400.02 & 400.03 Pen L; rpld S2509, SCPA

Relates to the suspension and revocation of a license to carry firearms;
relates to the applicability of certain provisions of the penal law, large
capacity ammunition feeding devices, and gun licenses; relates to effectiveness
of certain provisions of the NY SAFE Act relating to suspension and revocation
of firearms licenses, private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles or shotguns;
establishes a minimum age to possess a firearm; repeals various other
provisions of law relating to the NY SAFE Act.
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