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A03006 Summary:

BILL NO    A03006 


SPONSOR    Budget



Amd Various Laws, generally

Relates to computation of school aid; to contracts for excellence,
apportionment of school aid, the teachers of tomorrow teacher recruitment and
retention program and waivers from certain duties; relates to moneys
appropriated from the commercial gaming revenue fund; relates to grants for
school bus driver training; relates to certain salary expenses; relates to
magnet schools; relates to restrictions on library aid; extends provisions of
certain chapters relating to education; prohibits state reimbursement or
subsidies for adoptions for children placed outside the state of New York;
implements provisions required by the federal preventing sex trafficking and
strengthening families act; amends the education law in relation to
streamlining higher education program approvals for SUNY and CUNY; creates the
New York state get on your feet loan forgiveness program; relates to
eligibility requirements and conditions governing general awards, academic
performance awards and student loans; eligibility requirements for assistance
under the higher education opportunity programs and the collegiate science and
technology entry program; the definition of "resident"; financial aid
opportunities for students of the state university of New York, the city
university of New York and community colleges; and the program requirements for
the New York state college choice tuition savings program; repeals subdivision
3 of section 661 of the education law; enacts the "education tax credit act";
establishes the education tax credit program to authorize public schools and
public school districts to issue certificates of receipts for qualified
contributions; creates the education tax credit; creates a standard financial
aid award letter; authorizes the superintendent of financial services to
implement any necessary regulations; relates to certified public accountants;
relates to the implementation by all colleges and universities in the state of
New York of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking
prevention and response policies and procedures; relates to increasing the
standards of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons living in the
community; utilizes reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing
purposes; increases the minimum wage; relates to authorized work absences for
healthcare professionals who volunteer to fight the Ebola virus overseas;
grants such professionals the right to request a leave of absence, which shall
be granted except in cases where such absence would impose an undue hardship on
the employer; eliminates certain fees charged by the department of labor;
requires experiential learning or applied learning activity be included by the
SUNY and CUNY boards of trustees as a requirement to earn a degree.
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