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A03007 Summary:

BILL NO    A03007B


SPONSOR    Budget



Amd Various Laws, generally

Amends various provisions to achieve statutory savings; makes changes necessary
to continue implementation of Medicaid redesign team recommendations; makes
statutory changes necessary to align child health plus rates with Medicaid
managed care rates for certain providers; extend various provisions of public
health social services and mental hygiene laws, including continued
authorization of previously enacted Medicaid savings initiatives; makes
statutory changes necessary related to payments of indigent care pool funds for
uncompensated care for three years; makes statutory changes necessary to
implement value based payments within the delivery system reform incentive
payment programs; makes statutory changes necessary to establish an assessment
on individual small group and large group health insurers that will sustain New
York state of health operations; modifies provisions regarding establishing an
operating limited services clinics, standardizing urgent care centers,
eliminating certain upgraded diagnostic and treatment centers and charging the
public health and health planning council with reviewing sedation and
anesthesia procedures in outpatient settings; modifies various provisions of
law to remove barriers to obtaining HIV/AIDS treatment and to engaging in
appropriate risk reduction activities to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS; provides
an exemption to the nurse practice act for advanced home health aides to
authorize such individuals to perform advanced tasks in home care and hospice
settings with appropriate training and supervision; implements various
provisions related to streamlining the certificate of need process for
hospitals and diagnostic treatment centers; modifies various provisions of the
public health law to expand office-based surgery requirements to include
office-based anesthesia, to standardize and limit the procedures permitted in
such settings and to strengthen accreditation requirements; requires local
governments to notify the public and the department of health of their intent
to discontinue water fluoridation and to establish a grant program to provide
assistance to local governments to cover the costs of installing, replacing,
repairing or upgrading water fluoridation equipment; authorizes state office
for the aging to seek public input on the creation of an office of community
living to address the expansion of community living integration services for
older adults and disabled individuals; authorizes OMH to continue to recover
Medicaid exempt income from providers of community residences; extends pilot
program to restructure educational services for children and youth residing in
OMH hospitals; establishes a private equity pilot program allowing up to five
business corporations to make private capital investments to assist in
restructuring health care delivery systems; authorizes OMH facility directors
who act as representative payees to continue to use funds for care and
treatment consistent with federal law and regulations; makes technical
amendments required to implement the expansion of the nurse practice act
exemption for direct care staff in non-certified settings funding, authorized
or approved by OPWDD; relates to time limited demonstration programs; relates
to rates and fees for OPWDD providers; relates to opioid overdose prevention;
relates to HCRA; extends risk based capital provisions; and relates to excess
medical malpractice.
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