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A03008 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; amends chapter 62 of the laws of 2003 amending the vehicle and traffic law and other laws; relates to the disposition of revenues (Part A); authorizes the commissioner of transportation to impose civil penalties for exceeding posted vehicle weight limits; incrementally increases the maximum number of power units that may be awarded divisible load permits (Part B); provides that public transportation systems under the oversight of the public transportation safety board shall not receive payment if such systems operate in violation of the requirements of the national public transportation safety plan; provides additional powers and duties to the state public transportation safety board (Part C); relates to compliance with new federal regulations and strengthening requirements for motor carriers (Part D); includes the use of any highway, parkway, road, bridge or tunnel without payment of the lawful toll or charge as a theft of services, relates to liability of vehicle owners for toll collection violations, and penalties imposed upon the operator of a vehicle with an altered or obscured license plate while on a toll highway, bridge or tunnel (Part E); allocates three million dollars of assessments from fines and penalties from the city of New York to the general fund (Part F); provides for the regulation of transportation network company services; establishes the New York State TNC Accessibility Task Force; establishes the local transit assistance fund and the transportation network company driver's injury compensation fund (Part G); relates to the waiver of non-driver identification card fees for certain crime victims (Part H); relates to reinstatement fees for non-residents (Part I); increases fees for certificate of title, certain amounts of each fee shall be deposited into the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund (Part J); requires an additional fee of five dollars for certain non-driver identification card or renewal of such card (Part K); relates to the definition of "drug"; relates to the scope of the written test, the suspension of a license for driving while impaired by drugs; relates to license sanctions for refusing to submit to a chemical test; and prohibits the use of mobile telephones and portable electronic devices when a vehicle is not in motion and by persons under the age of eighteen (Part L); relates to extending provisions relating to the empire state economic development fund (Part M); extends chapter 393 of 1994 into 2018 (Part N); relates to the minority and women-owned business enterprise program (Part O); relates to the infrastructure investment act, the definition of an authorized entity that may utilize design-build contracts and the effectiveness thereof (Part P); relates to permitting the secretary of state to provide special handling for all documents filed or issued by the division of corporations and to permitting additional levels of such expedited service; relates to extending the expiration date thereof (Part Q); relates to streamlining the process by which service of process is served against a corporate or other entity with the secretary of state; and repeals certain provisions of the real property law relating thereto (Part R); relates to streamlining the licensing process for real estate professionals (Part S); increases the level of state assistance to waterfront revitalization programs; permits the secretary to accept payments (Part T); relates to the chairperson of the state athletic commission (Part U); authorizes utility and cable television assessments to provide funds to the department of health from cable television assessment revenues and to the departments of agriculture and markets, environmental conservation, office of parks, recreation and historic preservation and state from utility assessment revenues (Part V); relates to authorizing the dormitory authority to enter into certain design and construction management agreements (Part W); relates to administrative supervision (Part X); relates to the enforcement of the banking, insurance and financial services laws against unlicensed participants (Part Y); relates to the licensing and regulation of student loan servicers (Part Z); protects vulnerable adults from financial exploitation; defines terms; authorizes a transaction hold if a banking institution reasonably believes that financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult may have occurred, may have been attempted or is being attempted; and that the placement of a transaction hold may be necessary to protect a vulnerable adult's money, assets, or property from financial exploitation (Part AA); relates to the disqualification of bad actors from continued participation in the banking and insurance industries (Part BB); allows certain entities to engage in lending of money to an individual borrower for which no interest or fees are charged and for which the borrower may make full or partial repayment of the loan prior to the disbursement of the loan proceeds without being subject to the requirements of the banking laws (Part CC); relates to creating a paid family leave risk adjustment fund (Part DD); relates to licensed lenders and allowing the superintendent to have the power to adopt regulations that provide an exemption from the licensure requirement for a person or entity when necessary to facilitate low cost lending in any community (Part EE); provides that "home loan", for purposes of prior notices of default, shall include reverse mortgages; and requires a mandatory settlement conference be held prior to foreclosure on a reverse mortgage only if the last surviving borrower's spouse resides on the mortgaged property (Part FF); relates to assessments, distribution of assets and insurers deemed to be in a hazardous financial condition (Part GG); relates to establishing the New York environmental protection and spill remediation account; relates to the implementation of the "clean water infrastructure act of 2017"; and repeals provisions of the environmental conservation law and state finance law relating thereto (Part HH); relates to clean water spending (Part II); relates to deposits and transfers to the environmental protection fund including the transfer of funds to the climate change mitigation and adaptation fund (Part JJ); relates to the donation of excess food and recycling of food scraps (Part KK); relates to the sharing of employees, services and resources by the power authority of the state of New York, canal corporation and department of transportation (Part LL); authorizes the energy research and development authority to finance a portion of its research, development and demonstration, policy and planning, zero emissions vehicle and electric vehicle rebate and Fuel NY programs, and to finance the department of environmental conservation's climate change program and the department of agriculture and markets' Fuel NY program, from an assessment on gas and electric corporations (Part MM).
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