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A03008 Summary:

BILL NO    A03008B


SPONSOR    Budget



Amd Various Laws, generally

Relates to the effectiveness of motor vehicle transaction fees and certain
costs relating to the department of motor vehicles; relates to fees for motor
carriers; relates to mass transportation payments including Ontario county to
the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation District; creates a transit
assistance for capital investments fund; authorizes the department of
transportation to defer reductions in service payments for two years;
authorizes shared services agreements between the department of transportation
and the New York state thruway authority; relates to the issuance of commercial
learner's permits and the disqualification of commercial driver's licenses and
commercial learner's permits; decreases state responsibility for certain costs
incurred by the New York state thruway authority; extends certain provisions
relating to the empire state economic development fund; extends provisions
relating to the powers of the New York state urban development corporation to
make loans; extends provisions relating to the minority- and women-owned
business enterprise disparity study; relates to the effectiveness of article
15-A of the executive law; extends certain authority of the dormitory authority
of the state of New York; extends provisions relating to permitting the
secretary of state to provide special handling for all documents filed or
issued by the division of corporations and to permit additional levels of such
expedited service; eliminates certain fees charged for an apartment information
vendor license; eliminates certain license fees in the agriculture and markets
law; relates to license fees and surcharges for the transfer of petroleum
between vessels, between facilities and vessels and between facilities, whether
onshore or offshore; relates to operating permit program fees, state air
quality control fees and state pollutant discharge elimination system program
fees; establishes a habitat conservation and access account; establishes a ten
year period of probable usefulness for municipally owned omnibus or surface
transit motor vehicles; directs the city of Buffalo to adjudicate traffic
infractions; relates to certain penalties and forfeited security collected by
the city of Buffalo and granting a traffic violations agency certain powers;
establishes the Buffalo traffic violations agency; relates to the justice court
fund; relates to a trial by a judicial officer; requires the executive director
of the Buffalo traffic violations agency to annually issue a report on the
progress, development and operations of such agency; extends the effectiveness
of the "Cleaner, Greener NY Act of 2013"; relates to a farm drain tile
revolving loan fund program; relates to the eligible use of the beginning
farmers NY fund; relates to the effectiveness of the New York state health
insurance continuation assistance demonstration project; relates to term
appointments for eligible, high-demand ITS positions without examination;
relates to retrofit technology for diesel-fueled vehicles; relates to the
effectiveness relating to the recovery of exempt income by the office of mental
health for community residences and family-based treatment programs; authorizes
contracts for the provision of special education and related services for
certain patients hospitalized in hospitals operated by the office of mental
health; relates to the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to the
receipt of federal and state benefits received by individuals receiving care in
facilities operated by an office of the department of mental hygiene; provides
professional services to individuals with developmental disabilities in
non-certified settings; relates to the exemption of the nurse practice act for
direct care staff in non-certified settings funded, authorized or approved by
the office for people with developmental disabilities; relates to services and
needs assessments; clarifies the authority of the commissioners in the
department of mental hygiene to design and implement time-limited demonstration
programs; eliminates the duplication of regulatory efforts between the
department of health and the office for people with developmental disabilities
associated with rates and fees received by OPWDD providers; establishes a
transportation assessment for people with developmental disabilities and other
populations; relates to the office for people with developmental disabilities
omnibus reporting; relates to NYSERDA reporting and Green Jobs NY.
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