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A03008 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; relates to the disposition of revenues of vehicle transaction fees (Part A); relates to divisible load permits (Part B); relates to compliance with new federal regulations for stringer-steered automobile and boat transporters, tow trucks, trailers and semitrailers (Part D); relates to waiver of non-resident license reinstatement fee for certain crime victims (Part H); relates to increasing the non-resident license reinstatement fee when the basis (Part I); relates to increasing fees for original and duplicate certificates of title (Part J); relates to additional fees for certain identification cards (Part K); relates to extending certain provisions relating to the empire state economic development fund (Part M); relates to the effectiveness of the power of the New York state urban development corporation to make loans (Part N); relates the the minority and women-owned business enterprise program (Part O); extends the expiration date of chapter 21 of the laws of 2003, permitting the secretary of state to provide special handling for the division of corporations' documents (Part Q); relates to streamlining the licensing process for real estate professionals (Part S); relates to local waterfront revitalization (Part T); relates to the chairperson of the state athletic commission (Part U); deems certain expenses of the department of health to be expenses of the department of public service (Part V); relates to the enforcement of insurance laws against unlicensed participants (Part Y); relates to the licensing and regulation of student loan servicers (Part Z); relates to establishing the paid family leave risk adjustment (Part DD); makes the requirements for the provision of certain notices prior to foreclosure upon a mortgage applicable to reverse mortgages (Part FF); relates to assessments to defray operating expenses of the department (Subpart A); relates to the distribution of assets (Subpart B); and relates to insurers deemed to be in a hazardous financial condition (Subpart C) (Part GG); relates to the "clean water infrastructure act of 2017"; relates to the cleanup and abatement of certain solid waste site and drinking water infrastructure grants program; relates to certain costs; and repeals subdivision 9 of section 97-b of the state finance law, relating to certain moneys in the hazardous waste remedial fund (Part II); relates to environmental protection fund deposits and transfers and extending the effectiveness of the "Cleaner, Greener NY Act of 2013" (Part JJ); relates to the donation of excess food and recycling of food scraps (Part KK); relates to authorizing the energy research and development authority to finance a portion of its research, development and demonstration, policy and planning, and Fuel NY programs as well as the department of environmental conservation's climate change program, from an assessment on gas and electric corporations (Part MM); repeals subdivision 18-a of section 1261 of the public authorities law relating to the definition of "transportation purpose" for purposes of the metropolitan transportation authority (Part NN); prohibits certain roadway lighting (Part OO); requires that economic development entities be treated as public bodies (Part PP); imposes reporting requirements on recipients of funding under the program; defines terms; requires a qualified participant to provide a report for the prior state fiscal year with information regarding projected and actual jobs created and retained in connection with any related economic development benefits (Part QQ); creates the small business innovation research/small business technology transfer technical assistance program; repeals section 3102-c of the public authorities law relating thereto (Part RR); relates to an award schedule for the appropriation of money from the urban development corporation to certain municipal corporations and school districts (Part SS); relates to establishing a paint stewardship program; promotes strategies to reduce generation of post-consumer architectural paint; requires establishment of a recycling program of architectural paint by retailers and/or producers (Part TT); relates to establishing the New York state environmental justice act and grants (Part UU); relates to establishing the Indian Point closure task force within the department of public service (Part VV); relates to the creation of the strategic investment in workforce development program (Part WW); enacts the New York State climate and community protection act; relates to climate change; renewable energy program; labor and job standards and worker protection (Part XX); relates to pesticide registration timetables and fees (Part YY); relates to producing an alternatives analysis for the construction of a light rail system along the west shore of Staten Island (Part ZZ); develops and implements a toll rebate plan for Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge (Part AAA); prohibits the purchase of zero-emission credits until the heads of the public service commission and the New York state energy research and development authority appear before a joint public hearing (Part BBB).
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