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A03010 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the good government and ethics reform budget for 2017-2018; relates to employment and outside income (Part A); relates to political contributions by limited liability companies or other corporate entities (Part B); requires the financial disclosures of certain local officials (Part C); establishes contribution limits and a public campaign financing system; establishes the New York state campaign finance fund; establishes the New York state campaign finance fund check-off (Part D); relates to the freedom of information law (Part E); includes not-for-profit organizations and foundations within the jurisdiction of the state inspector general (Part F); relates to giving the inspector general jurisdiction over state procurement (Part G); relates to the implementation and enforcement of SUNY and CUNY financial control policies, including the policies of affiliated nonprofit organizations and foundations (Part H); establishes the New York port authority inspector (Part I); establishes the state education department inspector general (Part J); appoints a chief procurement officer (Part K); relates to government vendor contributions (Part L); directs the preparation of a report on the feasibility of single identifying codes or numbers (Part M); and relates to motor vehicle registration and establishes early voting; repeals certain provisions of the election law relating thereto (Part N).
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