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A03803 Summary:

BILL NO    A03803 

SAME AS    No Same as 

SPONSOR    McDonough



Amd S214-a, Exec L; amd S170.10, CP L; add S658, Fam Ct Act

Requires the state, by and through the secretary of state, to make good faith
efforts to notify a non-custodial parent when a minor is the victim of a crime
of violence and/or sexual abuse; requires the court upon the arraignment of a
criminal defendant to investigate whether the defendant is the parent of a
minor child and if so, to instruct the defendant to make an appropriate plan
for the child; requires the court to notify a non-custodial parent of the
custodial parent's arrest for the commission of a felony; and requires family
courts to require parties to a custody and/or visitation proceeding, one of
which who was previously arrested on a felony charge, to immediately notify the
other parent of such arrest.
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