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A03970 Summary:

MLTSPNSRColton, Lavine, Weinstein
Add Art 27-M SS2799-aa & 2799-bb, Pub Health L; add S224-b, V & T L; add S92-gg, St Fin L
Establishes the save our sight fund to provide monies for educational vision care programs; authorizes agents of the department of motor vehicles to inquire whether persons applying for or renewing a motor vehicle registration, or applying for or renewing a license to operate a motor vehicle wish to voluntarily contribute $1 to such fund; directs the commissioner of health to implement a voluntary children's vision screening, training and certification program to promote education regarding proper vision care; such program shall also target children with eye problems, diseases or illnesses, provide for the purchase and distribution of protective eyewear for children, and provide for the distribution of educational materials on proper vision care; creates a vision care council to assist the commissioner of health in his or her duties.
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