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A04026 Summary:

BILL NO    A04026A

SAME AS    No same as 

SPONSOR    Lentol (MS)


MLTSPNSR   Farrell, Gottfried, Hevesi, Hooper, Lavine, O'Donnell, Ortiz,
           Peoples-Stokes, Perry, Pretlow, Robinson, Scarborough, Schimel, Titus

Add S160.65, CP L; amd S296, Exec L

Permits the sealing of records of certain nonviolent misdemeanor or non-sexual
misdemeanor criminal offenses; defines the term "eligible misdemeanor";
excludes certain misdemeanor offenses as eligible misdemeanors for the purposes
of conditional sealing; lists certain eligibility requirements for sealing;
provides an order granting sealing under this section shall restore the
individual concerned, in the contemplation of the laws, to the status such
individual occupied before the arrest or institution of criminal proceedings
for the crime that was the subject of the sealing.
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