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A05161 Summary:

Add Art 27-BB 2725 - 2727, Art 13-l 1399-xx & 1399-yy, Art 24-F 2499-b - 2499-d, amd 2111 & 1399-o-1, Pub Health L; add 3001-e, 1527-a & 923, Ed L; add 235-h, RP L; amd 33-0303, En Con L; add $144, Pub Bldg L
Enacts comprehensive provisions to curtail the incidence of asthma and other respiratory diseases; requires teachers in public and non-public school systems to be trained in identifying and responding to asthma emergencies in accordance with standards to be prescribed by the commissioner of education in consultation with the commissioner of health; provides for a program of asthma disease management and control within the department of health; program shall provide various services to health care providers, patients, and others; authorizes the commissioner of health to make grants; provides for a study of asthma incidence and prevalence; provides for an annual report on the program; requires health care providers to provide pregnant women with information on in-utero exposure to tobacco smoke; requires residential leases to include information on the smoking restrictions for the leased premises and in common areas; prohibits idling of motor vehicle engines upon school grounds; authorizes school boards to allow certain students to use inhalers or nebulizers; requires the school that authorizes the use of an inhaler to prepare an asthma treatment plan for the student; ensures safety of all students who suffer from respiratory illnesses in New York; requires reporting of cases of asthma; provides for the curtailing of the use of chemicals which may trigger asthma episodes; provides for the use of the least toxic pesticides which effectively eradicate the targeted organism; includes certain respiratory diseases within the disease management demonstration program; provides for the reduction of emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other chronic respiratory diseases in children; relates to smoking restrictions in certain outdoor areas.
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