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A05518 Summary:

COSPNSRKolb, Brindisi, Skoufis, Palmesano, Englebright, Pichardo, Raia, Blake, Hooper, Montesano, Steck, Mayer, Stirpe, Graf, Lupinacci, Saladino, Curran, Wozniak, Schimel, Thiele, Jaffee, Skartados, Blankenbush, Simanowitz, Lupardo, Walter, Finch, Woerner, Malliotakis, Goodell, Goldfeder, Murray, Russell, Lavine, Lawrence, Garbarino, Zebrowski, Butler, Hunter, Katz, Cahill, Otis, Oaks, Ryan, Jean-Pierre, Cusick, Gottfried, Rosenthal, Lifton, Titus, Nojay, Ramos, Barrett, Palumbo, Corwin, Gjonaj, DiPietro
MLTSPNSRBarclay, Buchwald, Ceretto, Duprey, Galef, Kearns, Magee, Markey, McDonald, McDonough, McKevitt, McLaughlin, Ra, Rozic, Santabarbara, Schimminger, Simon
Add S11-d, Vol Ffs Ben L
Provides that any: (i) melanoma; or (ii) condition of cancer affecting lymphatic, digestive, hematological, urinary, prostate, neurological, breast and reproductive systems, resulting in total or partial disability or death to a volunteer firefighter, who successfully passed a physical examination on entry into firefighter service, which examination failed to reveal any evidence of such a melanoma or condition, shall be presumptive evidence that it was incurred in the performance and discharge of duty unless the contrary be proven by competent evidence.
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