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A06098 Summary:

COSPNSRBlankenbush, Butler, Finch, Ra, Raia, Walter, Murray, Lawrence, Errigo, Garbarino, Norris
MLTSPNSRBarclay, Castorina, Crouch, DiPietro, Fitzpatrick, Friend, Giglio, Goodell, Hawley, Johns, Kolb, McDonough, Miller B
Amd 22, 40 & 92, add 24-a, St Fin L; add 53-a, amd 54, Leg L
Relates to the legislative budget and deposits to the tax stabilization reserve fund; requires that no later than March fifteenth of each year the temporary president of the senate, the minority leader of the senate, the speaker of the assembly and the minority leader of the assembly shall jointly convene a general budget conference committee to resolve the differences between each house concerning the executive budget; further alters the amounts of the deposits to the tax stabilization reserve fund; provides that subsequent to April first of each year, the legislature may not consider other legislation until a budget is passed, with exceptions; limits all funds spending to the rate of the inflation.
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