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A06101 Summary:

SPONSORKaminsky (MS)
COSPNSRDenDekker, Miller, Schimel, Brindisi, Skoufis, Blake, Ryan, Russell, Tenney, McDonough, Hawley, Lalor, Simanowitz, Paulin, Thiele, Santabarbara, Gottfried, Ra, Curran, Ceretto, Otis, Braunstein, Barrett, Mosley, Buchwald, Titone, Lavine, Duprey, Raia, Benedetto, Lupinacci, Butler, Lawrence, Crouch, Magnarelli, Cahill, Pichardo, Stirpe, Ortiz, Kearns, Cook, Graf, Friend, Simon, Wozniak, Abbate, Schimminger, Montesano, Zebrowski, Arroyo, Lupardo, DiPietro, Perry, Colton, Murray, McKevitt, Brabenec, Malliotakis, Hooper, Fahy, Stec, McDonald, Saladino
MLTSPNSRJohns, Lopez, Magee, Mayer, McLaughlin, Peoples-Stokes, Solages
Amd SS2 & 7, Ben Ord L; amd S77, Gen Muni L; amd S13, Gen City L; amd SS24 & 183, Mil L; amd S452, RPT L; add S5-b, Pub Bldg L
Declares the Vietnam Veterans of America to be benevolent orders and grants such organization various benefits available to specified veterans' organizations; requires the commissioner of general services to set aside space in the capitol for use as quarters of the Vietnam Veterans of America.
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