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A06101 Summary:

COSPNSRDenDekker, Miller, Schimel, Brindisi, Skoufis, Blake, Ryan, Russell, Tenney, McDonough, Hawley, Lalor, Simanowitz, Paulin, Thiele, Santabarbara, Gottfried, Ra, Curran, Ceretto, Otis, Braunstein, Barrett, Mosley, Buchwald, Titone, Lavine, Duprey, Raia, Benedetto, Lupinacci, Butler, Lawrence, Crouch, Magnarelli, Cahill, Pichardo, Stirpe, Ortiz, Kearns, Cook, Graf, Friend, Simon, Wozniak, Abbate, Schimminger, Montesano, Zebrowski, Arroyo, Lupardo, DiPietro, Perry, Colton, Murray, McKevitt, Brabenec, Malliotakis, Hooper, Fahy, Stec, McDonald, Saladino
MLTSPNSRJohns, Lopez, Magee, Mayer, McLaughlin, Peoples-Stokes, Solages
Amd SS2 & 7, Ben Ord L; amd S77, Gen Muni L; amd S13, Gen City L; amd SS24 & 183, Mil L; amd S452, RPT L; add S5-b, Pub Bldg L
Declares the Vietnam Veterans of America to be benevolent orders and grants such organization various benefits available to specified veterans' organizations; requires the commissioner of general services to set aside space in the capitol for use as quarters of the Vietnam Veterans of America.
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