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A06330 Summary:

COSPNSROrtiz, Blake, Miller, Raia, Simon, Montesano, Linares, Colton, Barron, Joyner
MLTSPNSRHooper, Peoples-Stokes, Perry, Solages, Titone
Amd S7.15, Ment Hyg L
Requires the establishment of community housing waiting lists within the office of mental health service system; directs each provider of housing services in the office of mental health system to provide, on a monthly basis, the office of mental health with a list of each person referred to, admitted to, applying for, withdrawing an application for and denied admission to housing provided by such provider; requires the community-based agency performing assessments of persons with a documented mental illness to provide the office with the names of such who have been assessed and who meet the eligibility criteria for the array of funded and/or licensed housing programs; requires such office to publish such waiting lists on a monthly basis.
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