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A06357 Summary:

BILL NO    A06357A


SPONSOR    Gottfried (MS)

COSPNSR    Lupardo, Cahill, Clark, Cymbrowitz, Dinowitz, Hevesi, Lavine, Paulin,
           Peoples-Stokes, Rosenthal, Titone, Arroyo, Bronson, Brook-Krasny,
           Cook, Crespo, DenDekker, Fahy, Jaffee, Kavanagh, Lifton, O'Donnell,
           Otis, Rivera, Roberts, Skartados, Steck, Weprin, Zebrowski,
           Sepulveda, Katz

MLTSPNSR   Abinanti, Aubry, Braunstein, Brennan, Buchwald, Farrell, Galef,
           Glick, Hikind, Jacobs, Kellner, Magee, Markey, McDonald, Millman,
           Mosley, Moya, Perry, Pretlow, Robinson, Rodriguez, Scarborough,
           Schimel, Sweeney, Weisenberg, Wright

Add Art 33 Title 5-A SS3360 - 3369-b, amd S3343-a, Pub Health L; add Art 20-B
S490, Tax L; amd S853, Gen Bus L; amd S221.00, Pen L

Legalizes the possession, acquisition, use, delivery, transfer, transport or
administration of medical marihuana by a certified patient or designated
caregiver for a certified medical use; prescribes procedures for such
possession, acquisition, etc. including certification of patients by their
practitioner, and that, in the practitioner's professional judgment, the
serious condition should be treated with the medical use of marihuana; provides
that possession or acquisition of marihuana shall be lawful under these
provisions provided that the marihuana possessed does not exceed a total
aggregate weight of two and a half ounces; directs the department of health to
monitor such use and promulgate rules and regulations for registry
identification cards; provides for reports by the department of health to the
governor and legislature on the medical use of marihuana.
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