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A06823 Summary:

COSPNSRDinowitz, Barrett, Blake, Colton, Gunther, Palmesano, Jaffee, Mosley, Joyner, Sepulveda, Hunter, Rosenthal L, Jean-Pierre, Simon, Braunstein, Weprin, Lavine, Montesano, D'Urso, De La Rosa, Barron, Englebright, Gottfried, Walker, Pichardo, Hooper, Steck, Ortiz, Abinanti, Bichotte, Stirpe, Cook, Lupardo, Thiele, Rivera, Wright, Vanel, Rosenthal D, Wallace, Magnarelli, Zebrowski, Galef, Rodriguez, Morinello, Brindisi, Seawright, Skoufis, Titone, Abbate, Taylor, Jenne, Williams, Titus, Fahy, Dickens, Arroyo, Simotas, Pellegrino, Perry, Ra, Niou, Curran, Carroll, Woerner, Otis, Fernandez
Amd 70.02, 460.10, 130.91, 120.70, 230.01, add 230.34-a, rpld 230.33, Pen L; amd 168-a, Cor L; amd 700.05, 440.10 & 420.35, CP L; amd 447-a & 483-bb, Soc Serv L; amd 509-cc & 510-d, V & T L; amd 3-118, 9-131 & 14-154, NYC Ad Cd; amd 1012, Fam Ct Act; amd 10.03, Ment Hyg L; amd 2324-a, Pub Health L; amd 621 & 631, Exec L; amd 410, Gen Bus L
Establishes the crime of sex trafficking of a child; intentionally advances or profits from prostitution of another where such person is a child less than eighteen years old; repeals certain provisions relating to promoting prostitution.
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