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A07006 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRLupardo, Rosenthal, Linares, Rivera P, Markey
Amd SS18-a, 42 & 65, add S66-m, Pub Serv L; ren SS1020-hh - 1020-jj to be 1020-ii - 1020-kk, add S1020-hh, amd SS1896 & 1899, Pub Auth L; amd S242, RP L; amd SS26-405 & 26-511, NYC Ad Cd; amd S6, Emerg Ten Prot Act of 1974; amd S4, Emerg Hous Rent Cont L
Relates to green jobs-green New York on-bill recovery charges; provides that the public service commission shall require each gas and electric corporation file tariffs to provide for the billing and collection of on-bill recovery charges for payment of obligations of its customers to the green jobs-green NY revolving loan fund.
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