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A07039 Summary:

BILL NO    A07039 


SPONSOR    Schimminger (MS)

COSPNSR    Crespo, Stirpe, Hawley, Montesano, Cook, DiPietro, Hooper, Kaminsky

MLTSPNSR   Abbate, Ceretto, Galef, Hevesi, Magee, McDonough, Ra, Rivera,
           Schimel, Thiele

Amd S65-c, ABC L

Authorizes courts, other than courts in a city of a million or more, to render
default judgments in cases of failure to answer for unlawful possession of an
alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume by persons under the age of
twenty-one years; requires clerks to notify defendants prior to the plea and
judgment being rendered; allows judgment to have full force and effect.
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